Life Groups

CFC Life Groups in Windhoek

The Life Groups is one of the areas of our ministry that we place the most emphasis on. We believe that true discipleship and lasting spiritual growth happens best in small groups where people are committed to each other and that meet on a regular basis. These small groups are therefore smaller families of believers within the bigger spiritual family of CFC. Each LG has a leader who has been equipped to effectively facilitate the group. We receive many testimonies of how life change takes place in the LG’s and therefore encourage all our members to get involved in one.

The major objectives of each Life Groups is to:

  • Create family life in the group where people are cared for and develop lasting friendships
  • Disciple each other to become more like Christ
  • Create an opportunity for each person to discover and develop their unique gifting and ministry
  • Encourage each other to make an impact in our world

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