To all our members, friends and regular visitors here at CFC,

As a believer have you ever prayed like Paul prayed in Eph 1:18,

‘Lord open the eyes of my heart so that I might know what is the hope to which you called me’

In our days there are so many people trying to figure out what our calling is and what great things we can do for God. Many books are written by well known authors and yet even as we speak, so many still don’t know what to do for God. What can I do that could make a significant impact?

Many years ago I was driving in a rural settlement and there in front of me was a 3-4 year old boy standing naked. What an eye opener and a call to the reality of the tremendous need people find themselves in even in the 21st century. Before I could settle in my mind I cried out to God: ‘ God, please give me some compassion’. Well that day my life changed dramatically as I distinctly heard the Lord say to me: ‘I don’t hand out passion’

To make a long story short. I went on a journey and found an institution that catered for homeless babies and children to the age of 5 years who has lost their parents due to different reasons. As I looked at the setup I was introduced to the medical nurse who was looking after these 40 children and whilst standing she placed a 2 month old baby on my hip. At that moment the baby decided it was time to make a ‘whee’ and the next moment my whole shirt was covered in urine. Simultaneously the nurse then told me the sad story that this baby’s mother had just passed the previous night due to HIV/Aids.

Friends the next moment with my wet shirt and all I started to cry and cry and as I directed my thoughts to God with a question: ‘ But why God am I standing crying for a baby that I know nothing off and who has just wetted my shirt and who’s mommy has died a few hours ago’? God, why am I crying?? It was at this very moment I heard the Lord say to me… ‘NOW YOU HAVE COMPASSION’ What do you mean Lord? ‘Well now you are in My shoes to experience the brokenness and pain I have for this child who seemingly in the natural has no future at all’

Friend that day God shook me in the foundations of my faith and it was that day that God opened the eyes of my understanding to see into His perfect will. From there I knew exactly what to do and with all of that I had compassion. Do you want to know what God’s will is for your life? Here is the answer….Get involved in a ministry or give a helping hand or go to places where people’s lives are falling apart or where they are hurt and broken and you’ll find yourself experiencing what it is to see and feel what God feels. It is in this place where things become clear and passion is given and where your hand kind of find to do al of a sudden because God is with you.

It’s our Mission Month. Please get involved and ask God if you don’t know how to show you or to open a door or create an opportunity. Your time and my time to do something for God has come.

CFC is MISSIONALLY MINDED. Please partner with us.

Yours in Christ

Past Roland and Denise Engel


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