CFC full time Leadership team

roland denise

Pastor Roland and Denise Engel

Senior Pastor and Visionary Leader of CFC.  Pastor Roland and Denise planted CFC in 2004 after God called them back to Namibia.  While Denise runs her own dental practice during working hours, she is also the Visionary Leader of CFC’s lady’s ministry and actively involved in pastoral care at CFC.


Pastor Jurgen Brand

Assistant Pastor and a member of the Visionary Team of CFC.  Pastor Jurgen heads up the Life Groups  and Mobilization Department of CFC.

Pastor Reuben & Aneen Engel

Junior Pastor and a member of the Visionary Team of CFC. Pastor Reuben heads up the Worship Department of CFC.


Joanie Beukes

Receptionist, Event coordinator and Office Manager


Yolande Smit

HR and Finance manager and head of the Administration department of CFC.

Ps. Roland’s PA


Elizabeth Swart

Elizabeth has started volunteering full-time start of 2013 as head of  our Children’s church department.

Pastor Christiaan van der Merwe

Pastor Christiaan heads up the Young Adult Ministry called “History Makers” of CFC since 2016.

Pastor Wimpie Vernooy

Pastor Wimpie heads up the Youth Ministry called “IGNITE” of CFC since 2016

and the ICU (Compassion Ministry) since 2017.


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