The Christian Network Namibia (TCNN)

 Welcome to The Christian Network Namibia (TCNN) – connecting many churches across Namibia

with the overall vision of seeing His Church thrive as we work together

to establish God’s Kingdom in every sphere of life!

TCNN Leadership Training - March 2017

Pastor Francois van Niekerk speak to The Leaders. 

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Ps Francois v Niekerk Leadership Session 1 14 Mrt 2017

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Ps Francois v Niekerk Leadership Session 2 14 Mrt 2017

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Who we Are

The Christian Network Namibia (TCNN) is a relational network for those involved in the five-fold ministry. Through this network, we benefit from regular fellowship, encouragement and at the same time we walk in accountable relationships to one another.

Ephesians 4:11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, NKJV

What brings us together in this Network is our mutual love for the Lord Jesus and for His Church as well as core values and the same basic beliefs from God’s Word, as found in our Statement of Faith. We have a passion to do His will and to see His Church thrive!

The overall vision, that needs to encompass all individual church emphases, is an identified Kingdom vision – to see the will and rule of King Jesus infiltrate and influence every sphere of life. We believe that God’s vehicle to establish His Kingdom is the Church.

How we function

Core Leaders

Core Leaders made up out of senior leaders, chosen according to our Constitution, and led by a Chairman who is also our National Leader.

The Core Leaders are responsible for the Vision, Ethos, Value System and Policies of the Network in accordance with our Statement of Faith and Constitution.

What we Offer

Caring and covering

  • A structure for interpersonal and accountable relationships on a regional basis.
  • Covering and equipping through Provincial and Regional meetings, seminars, workshops and input.
  • Assistance to local pastors in evaluating the condition of their churches and determining what input and assistance is needed to stimulate their growth and health.
  • Support and counselling to assist in restoring leaders during periods of burnout or challenging times.
  • A prophetic voice together with the rest of the Christians in South Africa who share the same biblical values.

Promotion of healthy churches

Provincial & Regional Leaders will encourage all the churches in their Provinces / Regions to become healthy through focusing on the following 7 strategic elements of a local church:

  1. Christ centeredness
  2. Leadership and governance
  3. Shepherding and discipleship
  4. Children, youth & young adult ministry
  5. Worship & Sunday services
  6. Community ministries & reaching those beyond the church
  7. Administration, finance & church structure

Provincial & Regional Meetings

  • Provincial meetings are arranged by the Provincial Leader for his Province as and when necessary. At these meetings all the Regional Groups will gather together for celebration, fellowship, teaching, encouragement and vision casting for their Province.
  • Regional meetings are gatherings of ministers in a region within Namibia.
  • Regional Leaders arrange for meetings to take place on a regular basis which will usually contain the elements of leadership, equipping, encouragement, pastoral ministry and prayer.
  • The purpose is to encourage personal growth of their members and to ensure the growth of healthy churches in their regions.


How to Become a member

Step 1: Connect

Senior Pastors, together with their churches, who are interested in becoming members of TCNN, need to make contact with the TCNN Regional Leader of their area. The Senior Pastor needs to become involved in a TCNN Regional group. Our TCNN office can assist in referring the Pastor to the Regional Leader nearest to where he lives.

Step 2: Membership application

This requires a time of committed attendance in the Regional Group.

Once the Regional Leader is satisfied with the commitment of the Pastor and after he and his leadership have agreed to our Statement of Faith, Values and Constitution, the Regional Leader shall recommend to the Provincial Leader that the Pastor be given an Application Form to complete.

N.B. The Regional Leader will go through the Constitution with the Pastor and his Leaders (if necessary), but a copy of the Constitution will only be given to him once he is a member of TCNN.

Step 3: Probation

The Pastor will receive the Application Form from the Provincial Leader, complete it and return it to the Provincial Leader, who will forward it to the TCNN office.

As soon as the TCNN office receives the completed Application Form, the Pastor will become a member on probation. The probation period is usually about 4 months.

As soon as the Pastor completes the Application Form he must begin contributing the monthly financial pledge he has made on the Application Form. During this probation period the TCNN office will monitor the Pastor to see whether he honours his pledge on a regular basis. Receipts are issued quarterly.

Step 4: Full member

Once the Provincial Leader is satisfied with the progress the Pastor has made in terms of his commitment to TCNN, he will request the TCNN office to make the Pastor a full member of TCNN. Before this happens, the TCNN office will confirm that the Pastor is honouring his financial commitment to TCNNThereafter the TCNN office will write a letter to confirm that the Pastor has become a member of TCNN, of which a copy will be sent to both his Regional and Provincial Leaders. He will also be offered a Membership certificate should he desire one.

Step 5: Some membership benefits

The TCNN Constitution will be given, on request, to the new member.

Assistance will be given when applying for the following:

  • To have the Marriage Licence transferred to TCNN.

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